5 Best LLC Services: Reviews and Rankings

Starting an LLC requires many tasks, so finding the best LLC services in your state is essential. An LLC service provider helps you to form an LLC without mistake. So there is no chance of getting rejected by the state officials. While forming or buying an LLC, there are many documents to understand or make. Handling all these things is a challenging task to do. So, you may need an LLC service. Without further ado, let’s check out the best LLC service providers.

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The Best LLC Services to Buy

There are many LLC service providers in many states. But a few of them stand out and maintain excellent quality service. Let’s check out 5 best LLC services below:


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The No. 1 LLC service provider is ZenBusiness! It provides services with 100% accuracy. It is one of the best LLC formation service providers in the 50 states.

The extended customer support service will make you ease with them. It has an affordable basic package for your LLC formation. It also offers compliance services to maintain your LLC at best. 

Why Should You Choose ZenBusiness?

There are a few factors that will compel you to choose ZenBusiness. See them below.

Less Risk

It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you can get a refund if you don’t want to continue.

Reasonable price

ZenBusiness costs $0 to $349, plus state fees. It’s the cheapest package.

Free service

While others charge hundreds of dollars, ZenBusiness provides free LLC services.

Other legal services

ZenBusiness also brings other compliance services with quality.


The ZenBusiness team is always ready to offer customer support.

Pros and Cons:

Pros of ZenBusiness
  1. Saves money: ZenBusiness has affordable packages. You can even get the starter package without any charges. Undoubtedly, it will save you money.
  2. Accurate LLC filings: They have an expert, responsible, and experienced team for your LLC filings. Clients had given 13,234 reviews as excellent because of their accurate work.  
  3. Peace of mind: They can answer any LLC-related questions. Plus, they are skilled enough to handle your LLC filings. So you can finally get mental peace and relax. 
  4. Get what you want: ZenBusiness offers multiple packages, customization, legal services, and more. So, you have the option to choose what suits your LLC best.
  5. User-friendly interface: The website design and layout of ZenBuisness make it easy to understand and read the content. So it becomes easy for you to understand everything at a glance.
Cons of ZenBusiness
  1. Package limitation: The basic package does not include registered agent and EIN requests. If you want those services, you may need to spend extra. 
  2. No legal representation: ZenBusiness does not provide legal representation. You can get the advice, but they will not represent your legal paperwork. 
  3. Extra fees: They have a few hidden expenses. It may surprise you and cost you a little more.
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Do you want a one-stop experience for LLC services? LegalZoom offers LLC services with a wide range. Undoubtedly, one of the best online LLC formation service providers is LegalZoom.

It provides services from forming an LLC to tax consultation. Since 1999, they have served 4 million customers. 

Why Should You Choose LegalZoom?

Check out the unavoidable reasons for choosing LegalZoom below. 

Experience & skill

LegalZoom has an expert team with knowledge enough to serve. They can handle your legal documents perfectly.

Multiple packages

LegalZoom provides various types of legal services. So, you don’t need to go elsewhere for anything related to LLC services.

Easy forming LLC process

LegalZoom offers free LLC forming service with a simple process. 

Extended customer support

They are always available to discuss your LLC. You can talk with the customer support team on weekends. 

Choose an attorney

You can select your desired attorney based on ratings and location. The option is 30-minute free consultations for the first 90 days of your subscription. 

Pros and Cons:

  1. No struggle: You do not need to struggle to find all the LLC services here and there. LegalZoom is the one-stop solution for LLC owners. Get all the legal services in one place. 
  2. Saves time: Legal Zoom takes care of all the LLC services, saving you time; you do not need to spend more time finding anyone else for LLC services. 
  3. Variety of attorneys: Choose your refereed attorney from many ones. LegalZoom brings many attorneys from different states for you. Though they are all well qualified, you can choose your preferred attorney.
  4. Free LLC service: You can get the LLC fling service without charge. But yes, there is a state fee. It’s an advantage to save money. 
  5. Bonus reward: The free package includes a website (Wix). It is an extra service that will help you to represent your LLC online. 
Cons of LegalZoom
  1. Costly: It is more expensive than other competitors. So, set your budget first before buying a package.
  2. Lengthy: It has a 20-day processing time for the basic package. So its time consuming.
Incfile by LLC formation hub

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IncFile is the cheapest one to provide LLC services. It aims to provide the best LLC filing service at the lowest price. It has 38,000+ customer reviews with 4.8 ratings. They helped to form over 50,000 businesses.

Why Should You Choose Incfile?

Some unique features and benefits make Incfile stand out in the crowd, Let’s check them below.

No hidden fees

There are no hidden fees to cost you later.

Free LLC services

It offers free LLC services. But you must pay the state fees.

Customized packages

There are multiple packages to suit your LLC. Choose one that meets your requirements.

Registered agent service

Incfile offers a free registered agent for the first year.

Banking and bookkeeping services

Incfile offers banking and bookkeeping services besides legal services.

Pros and Cons:

Pros of incFile
  1. Money-saving packages: It offers affordable and cash-saving packages. For example, it provides an LLC filling service free of cost. 
  2. Agent service: No worry about finding a registered agent. Incfile provides registered service agents without cost(12 months). It saves you money and time in finding a new agent. 
  3. Get the desired name: Incfile offers a name search option. It’s unlimited! You can keep searching your LLC name for availability until you get one.
  4. Communicative: Incfile has a team to talk to and handle clients. They provide Excellent customer support. So without any hesitation, you can ask whatever you want. 
  5. Updated: You can check your order status regularly. They provide an order status tracking option. 
Cons of incFile
  1. No EIN: The basic package does not include EIN requests. So, you need to spend extras or look elsewhere for EIn requests. 
  2. Lower user-friendly website: You may need time to adjust and find information through their website. It has a complex design and layout. Reading and understanding their services in detail takes a bit of time.  
  3. Limited refunds: There is little refund option and no money-back guarantee. Once you pay for the services, you will not get back money. It does not matter whether you like the service or not. But there is a high chance of enjoying their benefits. 
Rocket Lawyer By LLC Formation Hub

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Do you want expert legal services? Rocket Lawyer is well known for its terrific legal services. Of course, it gives LLC formation services like others. 

You can get 7-day free trials and subscribe to Rocket Lawyer for just $40. Then, you will get access to legal documents, attorney consultation, and more. 

They formed in 2008. There are 25 million total customers and 7 million business clients of Rocket Lawyer. They have become one of the best online LLC service providers. 

Why Should You Choose Rocket Lawyer?

The reasons are given below: 

Registered agent

Rocket Lawyer provides registered agent for service for 12 months

Get Discounts

After subscribing, you will enjoy discounts on LLC and legal services. 

Customer support

The team members are always ready to give you answers.

Legal support

Rocket Lawyer provides various legal support compared to competitors.

Easy to read and understand

Rocket lawyer packages and contracts are easy to read and understand

Pros and Cons

Pros of Rocket Lawyer
  1. Legal papers inclusion: Get access to the legal documents. After buying the package, Rocket Lawer will provide you with many legal documents, templates, and services. It will be your legal representation. 
  2. Valuable advice: They offer consultation with an attorney. It will help you to clear concussions and take significant steps legally.
  3. User-friendly interface: Rocket Lawyer’s website design helps the audience understand their service. You can easily read, understand, and put your information on the website. 
  4. Saves money: Business registration is free while getting a new plan membership. Plus, there’s a Free LLC formation for new subscribers. So it will save you money and make you feel special.
  5. Trial chance: Rocket Lawyer has something to offer for non-subscribers. It’s limited but gives you an idea of their quality services.
Cons of Rocket Lawyer
  1. Expensive: They charge more than competitors. So it may become expensive for you.
  2. Service limitation: The service is limited if you’re a non-subscriber. They do not provide much service free.
  3. Limited refund policy: You may get no refunds but only service. So, choose the package carefully before subscribing.
Swyft Filings

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Swyft Filings offers a smooth online steaming LLC service to help you. It has a friendly interface with affordable packages. 

Especially for an LLC beginner, Swyft Filings provides valuable services. They have an aim to serve you best at the lowest cost. 

Why Should You Choose Swyft Filings?

Read the top reasons below to choose Swyft Filings over others. 

Legal services

Swyft Filings has an expert team to provide legal services and advice.

Money-back guarantee

If unsatisfied with them, get a refund.

Customer support

Team members are always at your service to answer legal questions.

Multiple packages

Get your desired package or ask them to customize it. 

Cutting-edge technology

Swyft Filings uses the latest technology to make a friendly interface and keep your data safe. 

Pros and Cons:

Pros of Swyft Filings
  1. Money Safety: The refund policy gives you money safety. So you don’t need to worry but buy a package to enjoy services.
  2. Saves time: Swyft Filings quickly does the processing work of LLC filings compared with other competitors. So it saves you valuable time. 
  3. No tension: You may feel relaxed and safe because of their expert team. They are talented, experienced, and skilled to make you comfortable.
  4. Appropriate documents: They will handle your LLC documents correctly, and there will be no mistakes to trouble your LLC documents. 
  5. Customized services: There are multiple packages to select that suit you best. You can also get customized services if required. 
Cons of Swyft Filings
  1. No agent servicing: The basic package does not include Registered agent service. So, spend more to get a registered agent service.
  2. No free packages: There are multiple packages, but none is free. You have to pay for them.
  3. Hidden fees: Some small costs are hidden. You may discover them later.

Best LLC Filing Services in 2024

  1. ZenBusiness
  2. LegalZoom
  3. Incfile
  4. Rocket Lawyer
  5. Swyft Filings
  6. Northwest
  7. Active Filings
  8. Filenow
  9. Incauthority
  10. Tailor Brands

How Can I Buy An LLC?

There’s a process to maintain before buying an LLC. Follow the steps below to judge an LLC before buying.

1. Locate a Business to Purchase

It’s essential to find out businesses that are about to sell. It’s challenging but not impossible!

Usually, you will not see the LLC owners advertise much about selling or retiring. Often, they use Craigslist to sell. 

You can contact the local chamber of commerce for an update on the selling LLC list. Also, keep in touch with a trade group. 

Plus, monitor trade publications and newspapers to look for businesses to buy. 

2. Start Bargaining

After finding an LLC to buy, it’s time for negotiations. Select the right allowed person to negotiate on buying an LLC

Ask the present business owner to give you access to the business records and information. You can also show your financial statement to represent your capability to purchase an LLC. 

The business owner may ask you to sign an NDA to keep the business data secret and not make it public. 

3. Exercise Caution

Don’t you want to check thoroughly business financial conditions before buying it? The process is called due diligence. 

In this process, you must review all the records and documents to understand the LLC business condition. Then you can measure the chances of this business success. 

Inspect anything that reflects on finance. You can start checking the documents list given below:

  • Books and ledgers
  • Tax returns
  • Leases
  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • The LLC operating agreement
  • LLC articles of organization
  • Employment agreements
  • Vendor agreements
  • Business licenses

Ultimately, analyze the business assets and debts. Plus, check out the revenue and losses. It will help you know whether the business is going up or down. 

It takes much work to understand complex documents yourself. Hire an attorney or a lawyer to get help. 

4. Memorandum of Understanding

After checking all the records, you can make a list. The list may contain the assets and debts and other business details. 

Now, you can decide to buy the whole LLC, a part of the LLC, or only the assets of the LLC. In that case, you can include them in the term sheet and offer a price. 

An attorney helps you to set reasonable terms and what can be included in a sheet. It shows the intentions and makes a blueprint for a more formal contract. 

5. The Purchase Agreement 

A purchase agreement is a contract between the buyer and seller of an LLC. It includes everything from the price to what you buy to its remedies if something goes wrong. 

There can be other documents. For example, the landlord may require you to sign a new lease contract. 

6. Notifications

After purchasing an LLC, notify your state officials. It’s essential to inform them about the ownership change of an LLC

If you don’t want to keep the present business registered agent, hire a new one. But say to the state officials. Update the tax authorities or any other agencies that provide licenses.


Hopefully, the best LLC services described above will help you find a suitable one to form your business. 

If you do not get LLC services, you may suffer and make several mistakes in maintaining your LLC documents. You may face lots of trouble soon and lose control over your LLC. 

So, when are you starting an LLC?

FAQ's for Best LLC Services

Is it possible to set up an LLC with no cost?

No! You have to pay the state fees at least. An agent may provide free service, but the state fee is compulsory.

Why do I require the services of an LLC formation company?

An LLC formation company is the best option to form your LLC with no error. They are experienced and skilled enough to start your LLC. Also, you will get guidelines to maintain your LLC.

What amount does LLC filing businesses price?

The cost is not the same in every state. Not all the LLC formation providers will charge you the same. The charging depends on the service you will get. Also, if you don’t do any work by yourself, the chances are high it will cost you more.

Do I need the help of a registered agent?

Yes! They will help you form an LLC. They will also get the updates and will inform you to take action. You can also do it yourself, but there are better options.

Do LLC service providers help more than form an LLC?

Of course! Most LLC formation service providers will help you do more tasks. For example, you are searching for an LLC name availability. There can be more services like foreign qualifications, business licensing research, EIN acquisition, etc. 

Is it risky to use an online LLC formation service?

Not at all. It’s hazardous if you don’t get an online LLC service. You will face risk at several points while forming and maintaining an LLC. It’s because of professional lack.

Is online LLC service legit?

Yes! There are a few popular online LLC service providers. You can hear them and build your LLC. It’s officially legal.

How much does an LLC service company cost?

The cost varies. But most of them charge between $0 to $300. For additional and special services, it may cost more.

Can I start my LLC in any state?

Yes,! You can choose any state to start your LLC, regardless of location. But the best option is to select your home state.

Yes! You can start an LLC by yourself. You may need to pay the state fees and file the documents to the state secretary. You can also take advice or guidelines from an LLC formation service provider. 

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