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Best States To Form An LLC (2024)

Max Smith

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Finding the best state for LLC registration is an essential task. Unlike other business types, you can form an LLC in any state in the USA. 

Depending on your business size and potentiality, you need to select a perfect state. You can also consider important financial benefits while choosing a preferable state. 

Are you thinking about how to do it?

Let’s go in-depth to find a suitable state for your LLC formation and maintenance.

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The best state for LLC formation is your home state. Suppose you have an online business. Your customers are from worldwide or from different states. It does not matter if your business is online. 

Online businesses do not have any physical stores. So you can use your home address to register LLC. It’s not compulsory, but yes, you will enjoy certain benefits. 

But why should you choose your home state? It will save you money and taxes. You will get less taxation as you are registering in your home state. Plus, there will be less cost to form and maintain an LLC than in any other state. You can also take it as a domestic LLC. 

5 Best States to Start an LLC

There are 50 states in the USA to form an LLC. However, matching your LLC factors can decide the best state for an LLC. The states have a variety of taxation, business-friendly policies, and economic opportunities.

So let’s find out the top 5 best states to form an LLC below:

1. Delaware

In the USA, Delaware is one of the most business-friendly states. It provides several advantages. So, businessmen are attracted to forming a business in Delaware

In 2021, 247,003 LLCs and 24,588 LLPs were formed in Delaware, compared to 62,510 corporations. The Delaware Division of Corporations estimates that roughly 67% of the businesses in the Fortune 500 have been formed there.

Why Should You Choose Delaware?

Many investors consider Delaware as the best state for LLC formation. Here are the reasons:

  • Franchise taxes and state filing fees are more inexpensive than in other states. 
  • It does not put tariffs on out-of-state income, has a simple filing process, and easy online filing of taxes and reports.
  • There’s a Chancery Court. It helps to solve business-related legal issues quickly. Plus, the judge is also experienced in case-related incidents. 
  • Shareholders or directors do not need to be a resident of Delaware. 
  • It also allows the exclusion of personal information while forming an LLC.

Pros and Cons of Delaware LLC



Easy to understand and quickly apply for LLC filing

If Delaware is not your home state, you need double registration

Saves money

You may need another registered agent, as Delaware is not your home state

There are no business income taxes

More than one legal representative

More flexibility in business structure

There are no flat franchise costs

A solid legal frame

2. Nevada

One of the popular states is Nevada. Most entrepreneurs show interest in forming LLCs in Nevada. LLC gets unique advantages to grow in Nevada. You will find Nevada as a business environment friendly and has specific advantages. 

Why Should You Choose Nevada?

You may find several reasons to form an LLC in Nevada while enjoying the benefits. But you should realize the reasons before forming an LLC. So, let’s check them below. 

  • No franchise tax, corporate income tax, or personal income tax.
  • An option to not share identifying information of LLC owners with the IRS.
  • LLC can remain invisible in the public registration filings.
  • No requirement for annual meetings or operating agreement.
  • A simple registration process.

Pros and Cons of Nevada LLC



Nevada helps to save extra money. There is no corporate or personal income tax

The director list is always public

Keeping the privacy of the owners and LLC information to avoid spam and misuse

Annual fees

Having time and labor as there is no requirement for yearly meetings

Licensing fees

There is less paperwork. No need for an operating agreement

Over 4 million gross income may become subject to taxes

The registration method is easy. So, you can register your LLC by yourself

3. Wyoming

Do you want unique tax benefits? Then, form your LLC in Wyoming. It is ranked 44th for local tax rates. Besides, the state offers beneficial policies for LLCs. 

Why Should You Choose Wyoming?

There are some distinct features of Wyoming’s state. They attract investors to form LLCs. The reasons are shown below. 

  • There are no strict reporting obligations for the startups.
  • No personal or corporate income tax to charge
  • A lifetime proxy feature. So you can always appoint another person to represent your share in the company. 
  • Remain anonymous, but enjoy being an LLC owner. 
  • Lower sales tax rates.

Pros and Cons of Nevada LLC



You can save money. There are no taxes charged

The administrative cost is high

There is an identity privacy advantage for LLC owners like you

If one member dies or is bankrupt, the LLC becomes dissolution

Feel relaxed as there is no hurry to make reports

In case Wyoming is not your home state, you may not have access to some advantages. It will enhance cost and give you no anonymity protection

Enjoy competitive benefits as the sales tax rate is lower than in other states

4. Alaska

The largest state is Alaska. It has harsh cold weather and a mile of undeveloped land. It creates a splendid chance for investors to create an LLC. 

They cause the undeveloped land and low population density to run their LLC. The specific business category can benefit from the land of Alaska. 

Why Should You Choose Alaska?

Though Alaska is different and backside than other states, it has some specialties. Find out a few solid reasons to form an LLC.

  • There are no sales and state income tax expenses.
  • LLC members can keep their details private.
  • There is flexibility in managing your LLC. You can handle it by yourself or hire a manager for your LLC.
  • The state offers oil, gas, minerals, and fisheries. You can use these natural resources for your business. 
  • There is a loan program to enhance your investment in an LLC. 

Pros and Cons of Alaska LLC



Saves money as the filing fee is lower

Alaska is physically distinct from other states

Free from taxation complications. There are no state and sales tax charges

High-operating cost

Tax credential and loan opportunities

Licensing fees

Cost saving as the local tax rate is lower

Local governments have the authority to collect sales taxes

5. South Dakota

Another state that is favorable for LLCs is South Dakota. You will find forming an LLC is easy. Specific businesses can also perform well in South Dakota. 

Why Should You Choose South Dakota?

Like every other state, South Dakota also offers benefits to LLCs. You can see some reasons below that will attract you to form an LLC. 

  • No state income taxes and corporate taxes
  • Simple filing process to follow
  • The cost of starting an LLC in South Dakota is affordable.
  • There are no strict requirements. So you can file an LLC online. 

Pros and Cons of South Dakota LLC



No personal property taxes

A local registered agent is a must

No inheritance tax

Limited resources and networking opportunities

No business inventory tax

You can save money by filing an LLC by yourself, as it is simple here in South Dakota

Cost-saving taxation system

Domestic LLC vs. Foreign LLC

You have the chance to form an LLC in any state. But you may experience different rules, regulations, and benefits. 

The state where you live is your home state. If you form an LLC in your home state, then it’s called a domestic LLC. In this area, you will enjoy specific features and benefits of a domestic LLC. 

You can also form an LLC in another state rather than your home state. It’s called a foreign LLC. 

For example, if you live in Nevada, then Nevada is your home state. If you have an LLC in Nevada, it will be your domestic LLC. But, if you or an LLC in Alaska, it will be a foreign LLC, as Alaska is not your home state. 

The foreign LLC is not related to forming an LLC in another country or by a non-US resident, forming an LLC outside your home state is a foreign LLC.

In that case, you will have 2 LLC filings. One for your home state and another for the state where you will run your LLC. So the expenses will be double. 

Plus, you will pay registration filing fees both in your home state and foreign state. However, you will get registered agents in both states.

What is the Best State to Form an LLC for Real Estate?

Foreign LLC filing is the best option for real estate business. You can have property or rented property in different states. As the property is out of your home state, it’s wise to form a foreign LLC. 

It will limit your cost. Plus, you will get more profits. The business income and activities will happen, centering the property. It will help if you have a foreign LLC registration. 

For example, if you live in Nevada but have a property in Alaska? So, form LLC Alaska. You will pay filing fees, annual fees, formation fees, and state income rates in one state only.

What is the Best State for LLC Formation for a Non-resident?

A non-resident needs to focus on the foreign LLC benefits. As you are out of the USA, you do not need to bother with the domestic LLC facilities. 

You need to select a business-friendly state to run an LLC. The best states for your foreign LLC can be:

  • Wyoming LLC 
  • Nevada LLC
  • Delaware LLC 
  • New Hampshire LLC

All the states listed above offer taxation benefits. As a non-resident USA, the tax benefits will play a crucial role in maintaining costs for your LLC

Your first choice can be the Wyoming state. The lack of income taxes, franchise taxes, privacy protection, and proxy advantage will help your LLC’s future success. 

But your business circumstances and needs will determine which one will be best for your LLC.


Hopefully, you have found the best state for LLC registration to begin. If you don’t analyze and choose a random state for LLC formation, you may be deprived of benefits. It will cost you more and ultimately affect business badly. 

You can get help from LLC services like ZenBusiness. So, before starting an LLC, you must research the laws of the state. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can register an LLC in another state where you do not live. In that case, it will be a foreign LLC registration.

Which state offers the lowest filing fees for LLCs?

The lowest filing fee is $40 in Kentucky. But the lowest annual fee is at Wyoming for just $60. Taxes, nuisance fees, annual fees, and other costs affect deciding which state has the lowest fees.

Should I hire a registered agent in each state where my LLC operates?

Yes, It’s indeed to have a registered agent in every state where you run your LLC. You can be your LLC registered agent. However, hiring a registered agent is the best option.

Is it essential to have an LLC to run an online business?

No! You are not required to form an LLC for your online business. But if you build an LLC, you will enjoy several benefits that are absent from a regular business.

What is the best state to form an LLC?

Your home state is the best state to form an LLC. There can be favorable taxes in other states. You ultimately give and take where your LLC runs, not where it formed. So, you can still form your LLC in your home state and run in other states. It may require licenses and other papers works.

Why should I form an LLC in Delaware?

You will find Delaware the best state to provide a friendly atmosphere. It has laws that favor the entrepreneurs. In fact, it has a Chancery Court to handle business legal issues.

Max Smith - LLC Formation

He is a seasoned entrepreneur and legal expert at LLC Formation Hub. With a stellar track record in both business and law, Max simplifies the complexities of LLCs. His practical insights, featured on LLC Formation Hub, empower entrepreneurs across the USA. Max merges business finesse with legal acuity to guide businesses toward success.

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