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Can a Minor Own an LLC in Florida?

Max Smith

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Are you a young entrepreneur who looks forward to forming an LLC in Florida? Then, the most crucial question for you is: “Can a minor own an LLC in Florida?

In the USA, every state has its own laws for LLCs. Some allow minors to form an LCC, while others do not. Surely, you must know the rules properly before taking steps. 

Moreover, you can have another member in your LLC membership who is an adult to help your LLC in complex situations. Plus, you can also hire a manager to handle the business tasks.

Let’s dive deep into minor owning and forming an LLC in Florida.

Yes, a minor can own an LLC in Florida. It’s legal and allowed. So, Florida has no age limit for an LLC membership. Moreover, a person or an entity can own an LLC like another LLC or a corporation.

There are situations when a minor can be a member of an LLC. For example, the sudden deaths of members can be an opportunity for their minor heirs to gain membership in an LLC. However, when a minor becomes the owner of an LLC, you may need to be careful. 

A minor member has the right to void a contract, which is dangerous for your LLC and the third parties you deal with. As a result, the minor can make or break the contract. 

If a minor breaches the agreement, they must return what they got from the third party—for example, cash, property, or something else. That’s a big reason third parties don’t want to deal with the LLC having minor owners. 

Another problem is managing business activities. As a minor member, their capabilities are questionable while handling essential business decisions. That is why a solely minor-owned LLC faces trouble operating its daily activities.

However, you may need to face challenges and develop strategies to overcome some limitations while owning an LLC as a minor owner. Do you wonder what they are? Find out in the next section!

Strategies for Dealing with Minor Limitations

You can take 3 steps to resolve the issues and help your minor member remain the owner of the LLC. The steps are shown below. 

1. An Adult Member

However, if the LLC has another adult member, things get different. The 18+ member can sign contracts on behalf of the LLC. Moreover, the adult member can contribute to daily activities, and the minor is the silent owner. Surely, it can be anyone, like parents, siblings, friends, and more.

2. Authority Statement

You can file a Statement of Authority with your Secretary of State to confirm that only adult members operate as the LLC’s agents and have the authority to bind it to contracts legally.

3. Manager Managed LLC

Furthermore, you can change the details of your LLC operating agreement to set a manager management structure. You can hire a manager, and the manager will handle business activities. So, the minor owner will not be bothered by anything and will get the profits or losses from the LLC. 

Lastly, a minor can undoubtedly become a member of an LLC in Florida. Still, can a minor also form an LLC? Forming an LLC requires permission from the state. If you want to know more, then please read our next section.

Can a Minor Form an LLC in Florida?

In Florida, there are no restrictions on minors forming an LLC. However, you should get up-to-date information about the rules. 

States That Do Not Allow Minors to Form an LLC

A few states in the USA restrict minors from forming an LLC. You must be 18 or older to form your LLC in the below-listed states.

  • Texas (instructions to Form 205, Certificate of Formation).
  • Colorado (CO Revised Statutes 7-80-203)
  • Minnesota (MN Statutes 322B.105)
  • Illinois (805 IL Compiled Statutes 180/5-1)

Oregon (OR Revised Statutes 63.044).

States That Allow Minors to Form an LLC

Certain states do not have any restrictions on minors forming an LLC. So yes, if you are a minor, you can create an LLC in these states. 

  • Florida
  • California
  • Delaware
  • Nevada
  • Wyoming


In the end, the answer to the question, “Can a minor own an LLC in Florida?” depends on Florida’s laws and your LLC’s operating agreement rules. Furthermore, you should have an adult member in your LLC. So third parties or suppliers will feel comfortable working with your LLC. 

Undoubtedly, you need to understand Florida’s legal and practical aspects of business ownership. It will help you to learn how to change ownership of an LLC in Florida and get a minor as a member. Lastly, you may get help from an expert service provider to understand and form your LLC smoothly. 

Key Points

Let’s check out some of the significant points from the above discussion.

  • Yes, a minor can own and form an LLC in Florida. 
  • A minor can void a contract. 
  • There are strategies to face issues while a minor is a member. The LLC has other members (adults), a manager-managed structure, and a Statement of Authority. 
  • Minors cannot form an LLC in a few states. They are Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, and Oregon. 
  • You can form an LLC as a minor owner in the following states: Florida, California, Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to open an LLC in Florida by myself?

You may need to submit an Article of Organization by yourself. You can do it online or offline. Plus, you may need to pay the Florida States filing fee, which is $125. You can pay it with cash, a credit card, or a money order.

What is the State of Florida LLC registration form?

You may need to collect the LLC registration form to apply for a new LLC. It contains space to fill out the details about your LLC, such as your purpose, name, and authorized managers’ or representatives’ signatures.

What is Sunbiz Florida LLC?

Sunbiz.org is Florida’s official corporate registration website. It offers public data concerning company formations or foreign credentials. Moreover, sunbiz.org is also an internet directory for businesses operating in Florida.

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