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Cheap LLC Formation Services: 10 Most Affordable Options

Max Smith

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Costing is the main reason that stops people from starting an LLC. But you should never skip it for the sake of long term reliability and protection of your business. Certain tricks help you with cheap LLC formation.

There are hundreds of companies that can do the processing for you. They are highly professional and require a specific payment depending on your business type. The charge varies from $0 to $399.

In this guide, I have gathered the ten most affordable options that can help you start your LLC without any hassle or difficulties. So, let’s dive into the details.

If you are filing incorporation statements alone, this might not cost you a lot. So, you can easily form an LLC online.

However, it is not recommended. You better seek professional help and grab the cheapest way to start an LLC.

I have picked up some of your popular pocket-friendly registered agent options along with the pros and cons. With this information, you can decide which one to opt for to start an LLC.

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1. Northwest Registered Agent $39

Northwest Registered Agent Service offers a fully formed LLC. This is to cut off your extra hassle of additional paperwork. 

For $39, you will be getting exciting services like:

  • A fully formed LLC
  • Mail forwarding service
  • Privacy by default
  • Corporation guidance
  • Local business address. 

The primary factor in opting for any registered service is Privacy. Northwest always seems to sell or keep your data private.

With Northwest, you are getting hassle-free maintenance. You do not have to do any formalities regarding renewals, maintenance, annual reporting, and filing.

Last but not least, the internal team consists of over 200 members, including business experts. This team is dedicated to providing tailored guidance and support based on the specific needs of each business


  • It does not offer any online tools.

2. ZenBusiness $0

ZenBusiness is an incredible agent that includes packages costing from $0 to $349. Many people wonder if ZenBusiness is really free or not. However, you must pay the filing fees. This can vary anywhere from $40 to $500.

One of the most attractive things about this registered agent is faster standard filing. It can take anywhere between two or three weeks. You can opt for a $199 pro plan. This can fulfill the process in just six days. Also, there is a $299 premium plan for that formation, which takes only two days.

Also, note that the processing cost depends on the package of ZenBusiness you are trying.


  • ZenBusiness does not offer free registered agents for a year.
  • No taxation or legal service is provided.

3. Rocket Lawyer $39.99

Rocket Lawyer is another renowned legal service that provides support for forming an LLC. Its goal is to make the legal procedure more accessible and faster for you. It usually offers two types of services for your business. One is a business formation service, and another is a registered agent service.

Rocket Legal offers you two distinct packages of $39.99 and $19.99 per month. Here you will receive customization, sharing facilities, and secure and fast documentation. Legal advice, contract protection, and other registration and agent services.


  • It requires you to pay monthly subscription fees. So, it might be a hassle for many.

4. Incorp $87

Incorp is a well-known LLC formation agency that provides support in around 50 states of the USA. This agency is committed to providing great customer service. This company has been professionally handling its customers since 2002.

It will help you with faster filings and keep your addresses and data off the public record. You can opt for E document and delivery services. You can proceed with it in a shorter time. They have a website, Email, and phone services available 24/7. You can also try premium registered agent services.


  • Double taxation is an issue with this registered agency.

5. Harbor Compliance $99

Harbor Compliance is helping over 420,000 businesses around the USA. It offers customizable online LLC services. You can start your compliant businesses in a short time.

Their incredible processing simplifies licensing and entity management. Harbor Compliance typically charges a set fee starting at around $99 for basic compliance registration. 

For ongoing compliance, management, their pricing can range from $200 to $500 per year depending on the complexity of your business and the number of compliance services needed.


  • Harbor Compliance has no refund policy.

6. Inc Authority $0

INC Authority is an incredible registered company that offers a variety of packages. The goal of This agency is to gain your trust and provide the cheapest way to start an LLC. It believes in making lifetime customers. So, you can grab their free yearly service.

You will get a variety of funding options, too. It offers both member-managed and manager-managed ownership for the customers. Also, they have suitable plans both for single-member and multi-member LLCs. 

The most attractive factor about those LLC formation services is mitigating taxes. Their professional guidance will let you distribute it to the owners. 


  • Their service packages are available online. However, it seems less transparent in comparison to other services as it does not mention the price.

7. Swyft Filings $49

Swyft Filings is a company that offers business formation services, such as registering a new company with the state.

Their services start at $49, which typically includes filing the necessary paperwork with the state to officially form a new business entity. You can also try their basic plan, which costs $0. Additional fees may apply for any add-on services or expedited filing options.

You will receive comprehensive name checks, article preparation, document filing, custom baking resolution, organizational minutes, and a lifetime support guarantee.

It has super fast premium services that start from $299. It can give you same-day foiling and expedited shipping. You can also grab 250+ customizable legal and business documents.


  • It does not offer free registration services for the customer.

8. BizFilings $99

BizFilings has been providing services around the USA for 25 years. It offers three LLC formation packages. These are: Basic, Standard, and complete.

With their basic package, you can grab six months of free registration service, name, and address, filing for only $99.

With the standard package, you have to pay $299, along with the state fees. Here, you can enjoy a sample operating agreement, LLC kite, and expedited processing.

Last but not least is the complete package, which costs $359. It sells products and services long with EIN, certified copies, along with overnight shipping.


  • The lowest pricing is more than that of other competitors’ agencies.

9. MyCompanyWorks $79

MyCompanyWorks offers services such as LLC formation, incorporation, registered agent services, and more. The pricing for their basic package starts at $79, making it an affordable option for those looking to start a new business.

This registration agency offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They can give you a name availability checker, free alters and time, eye renewal notifications, and great customer support and guidance.


  • You need to have a higher level of business understanding at a lower price.

10. SunDoc Filings $79

Sundoc filing is a promising registered agency that aims to simplify the filing process. Its online filing requirements and process are quite easy and fast. Their professional helpers can give you error-free processing. Sun Doc has a comprehensive network of around 50 states in the USA.

They have various packages with prices from $79 to $279. Their retrieval services can do your legal processing properly. You will get a hand with uniform commercial code liens, bankruptcy filing, annual reporting and judgments, and many others.


  • SunDoc requires a cancellation fee of $25. 

Recommended Cheapest LLC State

There are some states that offer affordable price ranges for LLCs. 

These are Arkansas, Wyoming, Mississippi, Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico, Hawaii, Montana, Colorado, and others. So, if you want to cut down on the cost of forming an LLC, feel free to consider the above states.


Forming an LLC with the right registered agency will be easier and hassle free. They provide relatively simple and straightforward services, with minimal paperwork and maintenance requirements. This article has mentioned the ten most incredible agencies that can help you with Cheap LLC Formation. So, with the right information, the decision is now in your hands.

Key Points

  • The cost of registered agencies varies depending on the specific needs of your business.
  • Their pricing is customized based on the services you require, such as business formation, compliance management, and licensing.
  • It’s recommended to contact the specific company directly for personalized requirements.
  • $0 or free services are to attract customers with additional free services. But you have to pay the filing fee to the state anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is required to register an LLC in the USA?

The cost to register an LLC in the USA depends mainly upon your business type and the state in which you are filing it. The average cost of filing will be $35 to $500, the operating agreement requires $0 to $600, and the publication fee is $40 to $1500.

Which type of business pays the least taxes?

S corporations will have the least amount of tax as an LLC. It allows profits and allows pass-through taxation. S corp is specially designed to avoid double taxation. So, it has to pay the least tax, making them affordable.

Why is the California LLC fee so high?

In California, you have to pay an annual franchise tax of around $800. It also has a high rate of sales taxes which is about 7.25%. Also, you have to pay fees till your LLC lasts.

Max Smith - LLC Formation

He is a seasoned entrepreneur and legal expert at LLC Formation Hub. With a stellar track record in both business and law, Max simplifies the complexities of LLCs. His practical insights, featured on LLC Formation Hub, empower entrepreneurs across the USA. Max merges business finesse with legal acuity to guide businesses toward success.

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