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Funding an LLC with Personal Funds in Simple Steps (Guideline)

Max Smith

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Are you starting a single-member LLC? Then, funding an LLC with personal funds can be an effective idea for you. 

Using your personal funds for your LLC investment is called an LLC capital contribution. Moreover, if your LLC does not get any funds from an external source, then it is also called a bootstrapping LLC.

In this article, you will explore some steps to get personal funds to invest in your LLC. Without further ado, let’s go!

Some ideas can give you money to invest in your startup personally. If you get those ideas, you can arrange funds before starting your LLC. Read below for the simple steps to enhance the LLC fund with your personal funds.

1. Personal Savings

Do you have any savings? You can transfer cash from your personal bank account to the business account. It will be your capital contribution to the LLC. 

LLC funding grants permission to receive money from personal accounts as an investment. You will then enjoy profit or loss from your business.

It’s simple to invest your savings in your LLC. In fact, the transaction is easy to make. 

In addition, contributing to an LLC with your cash can affect taxation. So, it is necessary to identify whether you are putting money in your LLC as equity or a loan.

Yes, you have the option to lend your money to the business. So you will get back money to your personal account with interest. 

Lastly, you saved money for years and can now use it for an investment. What if your cash is short? You can also borrow money. 

2. Personal Loans

As an LLC member, your liability is limited. But if you take loans personally, you have the liability to repay them. 

But sometimes, it is necessary to receive the loan personally to invest in your LLC. Taking out loans will help you enhance the LLC’s funds. 

You can take loans from banks or any financial institution. They will give you money, and you will repay them later. 

When an LLC may not get loans based on a few terms and situations, it’s easy for you to get personal loans. But it will put your assets at risk. The loan amount may be small and can also affect your taxation.

Nevertheless, you can also take out loans using a credit card. Do you know how?

3. Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are one of the most popular ways to fund your LLC. If your LLC is new, it may not get a business credit card quickly. 

But you may have one! So you can use it to lend money and supply it to the LLC fund. It’s quick and easy.

Undoubtedly, it will enhance your liability. Plus, the amount will also be smaller. Again, the interest rate may raise your expenses. 

Lastly, if you have no credit cards but want a loan, you can use your home.

4. HEL or HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)

Do you have a house? You can receive a loan on it. But, you must have quality in the home. A lender may give you 100% of the house equity in the account. 

There are different qualification requirements for lenders. Some may choose only investment property, and some may select your primary residence. 

But you must have at least 10%-20% home equity to get loans. The interest rate is below 10% for both HEl and HELOC.

Nevertheless, if you are starting an LLC, then it can be the perfect way to fund your LLC. It’s also less expensive than other funding options. 

But it puts your house at risk. If your LLC fails to gain profit, you may lose your roof over your head. So, think twice before lending on your home. 

However, isn’t it good to get money without the stress of paying interest?

5. Rollover for Business Startups

Get money for your startup from your retirement fund. It’s called ROBS. In fact, ROBS can become a great solution when you get stuck on how to self-fund your LLC. 

However, it’s tax-free and penalty-free money. Again, it also takes a little time to withdraw and invest. 

Definitely, it’s not a loan! So there is no need to pay back!! 

But there is one condition. Your LLC should be a C corporation. Plus, you must have a $50,000+ balance in your account to get retirement funds. 

What if you face business losses? You may lose your retirement fund. Plus, there are some maintenance requirements to follow. If you fail to maintain, then you may pay a penalty.

6. Loans From Family & Friends

You can take loans from relatives and friends. Do you have any people with whom you have a good relationship? Then, ask for money to borrow. 

It’s less risky, as they will give you time to repay and understand your situation. But it will put your relationship with them at risk. You will lose good social relations if you fail to repay the loans. 

Nevertheless, you will find various sources to enhance your personal fund and use it for your LLC. But it will bring both benefits and disadvantages. 

Do you wonder what they can be? Let’s go to the next section!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Funding an LLC

If you only want to enjoy the benefits of funding an LLC using your personal funds, then sorry, you will also need to face the disadvantages. So, let’s check out some significant advantages and disadvantages below.


Here are the advantages:

Secured Investment

As the whole investment is yours, you will get 100% of the sales and investment returns from the business. You don’t need to give anyone any money as a loan repayment or interest. As a result, your business is secured with your investment alone.


If you get a business loan from the bank for your business, the bank will control the cash. Again, if an investor invests in your business, you may lose business control power, full or partial. As a result, you cannot run your business according to your wishes in either scenario. 

But if you use your personal cash to run your business, you get 100% control over it. Undoubtedly, it will help you run your business as you planned.

Business Expansion

As you have control over your business, yes, you can also go for business expansion. It’s your money, your business, and your choice of business extension. Who will stop you? No one!

There is no financial institution or investor that can interfere with your business. So, you don’t need to ask for approval from any party for business expansion. You are good to go for business expansion if you have enough cash, human resources, and necessary papers.

Investment Range Idea

You make a complete investment plan when you decide to fund your LLC from your personal fund. So, you know your limits and the amount you can use for investment. If you apply for a loan, you may not be sure what the investment amount can be.

Saves Time

Getting a loan from a bank or finding an investor to invest requires time. In fact, finding the exact amount you want from a bank or investor takes a lot of time. On the contrary, using your personal funds will save you time.

Fewer Expenditures

When you make an expense for your business, it will cost cash and be covered by the investment. As you use your personal funds for the investment, you will feel more inclined to incur unnecessary expenses to save money.


Here are the disadvantages:


How much do you have in your savings? You cannot use 100% of it for your business. It will affect your personal life, and you may not fulfill your desire to buy something for yourself. 

Again, the cash limit can also affect your business. You may run out of money to operate your business.


You may face bankruptcy when you spend all the money on your business. Operating a business and making it successful takes time and effort. Often, beginners fail and lose all the money.

Production Stops

Usually, your personal funds will be used for production costs. But when you get a big order, can your funds bear the production cost? No! In that case, you seek out a loan.


A lack of capital investment can shut down your business. But what about paying your business rent, salary, and other fees? You will bear it. As a result, you will pay compensation for employees and other fees.

Undoubtedly, the advantages raise hopes of success in the LLC owner’s mind. But how will you understand if using personal funds for an LLC can be a good decision for you? 

You can analyze a few significant factors for your choices. Do you know what the factors are? If not, then read it in the next section!

Factors Should Be Considered When Putting Personal Money Into Your Business

Check out some of the essential factors to watch out for when you are planning to use your personal funds for your LLC.

1. A Financial Plan

Make a solid financial plan before funding your LLC. So you can provide the necessary investment. It will help you to avoid bank loans and invest according to your financial plan.

2. Risk

Using your funds is a considerable risk for you and your family. If you lose the money, you will suffer in the future with your family.

3. Investments Laws

Check out your LLC’s operating agreement. You will find the investment terms; when you understand them, it becomes easy to fund your LLC.

4. Collateral

Personal or business collateral lines and guarantees affect getting a loan if you don’t find a suitable atmosphere to take a loan and invest money from your personal fund.

5. Financial Statements

Analyzing financial statements will give you an idea of your business’s income and financial stability. It will help you understand whether your LLC is in a stable condition to repay loans. 

Plus, the financial statement will help you calculate whether investing in the LLC with your fund can benefit you.


Funding an LLC with personal funds is a great decision to avoid miscellaneous problems and liabilities. But consult an expert service provider first to avoid financial troubles. So start funding your startup, LLC, for ultimate success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You may need a small amount of money to start a single-member LLC compared with another type of LLC. You can use your personal funds to make capital contributions to your LLC.

Are LLC capital contributions tax-deductible?

No! Unfortunately, it’s not tax deductible. When you make capital contributions, it’s a contribution to your LLC. So, it’s a matter of inclusion for taxation.

Yes! It’s 100% legal. In fact, it’s common for a single-member LLC to transfer money from a personal account to a business account. Many small LLCs run on personal funding.

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