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How Long Does it Take to Get LLC in Texas? (Updated)

Max Smith

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Are you going to form an LLC in Texas? That’s great! But do you know the answer to “How long does it take to get LLC in Texas?”

It is an essential factor to know and understand. A wise entrepreneur like you takes LLC formation time into account when planning for the future of the business.

In this article, you will learn all there is to know about Texas LLC’s time span. We have provided adequate information on both methods: online and by mail. 

Let’s get deep into the formation period for an LLC in Texas.

The short answer is that it depends. It can be from 1-2 weeks to 2-3 months. Surely, various factors determine the time you will need to get your Texas LLC. Those are:

  • The filing method (mail or online) you take to register.
  • The processing time (standard or expedited) you choose.
  • The formation review and approval time by the Texas Secretary of State.
  • Time for finalizing the remaining paperwork.
  • LLC formation paperwork delivery time.
  • The time of the year.
  • Logistical issues like staff shortages or filing surges.
  • Making mistakes in filing that cause delays.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Texas LLC via Mail?

If you file via mail, your Texas LLC will be ready in 2–3 months. Let’s examine the filing durations below. 

  • Filing Time

The filing time is the processing time in the Texas Secretary of State’s office. It largely depends on the office’s workload. Moreover, the documents typically take 3-6 weeks to get processed there.

  • Mailing Time

Besides the filing time, you must also consider the mailing time. It is the delivery time it takes to reach the state’s office and get back to you. It also depends on two factors:

The Texas Postal Service  and Your location

  • Total Duration

After considering the filing and mailing time, the total duration is 2–3 months. 4–8 weeks are spent on file processing, and the additional time is spent traveling by mail.

How Long Does It Take to Register a Texas LLC Online?

Here is a breakdown of the online method.

  • Filing Time

Registering an LLC online is automated and generally faster than the mail method. The documents can be immediately submitted to the Texas Secretary of State’s online filing system.

Furthermore, the office has two different online filing systems. The approval time depends on the system you use:

  • SOSDirect: 10–12 business days.
  • SOSUpload: 13–15 business days.
  • Email Confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation once your filing is processed. In contrast to the mailing time, it takes seconds to reach you.

  • Total Duration

The online registration method takes 1-3 weeks or 2 weeks. This method is much quicker than the mailing method, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, these are all timespans for the mailing duration. Let’s have a quick look at the file approval times only in the next section.

Texas LLC Approval Times

Approval times mean the duration the authority takes to review and approve the submitted documents. In this case, the authority is the Texas Secretary of State.

The state office offers 4 methods to file the paperwork. Each has different times of approval:

Filing Method

Approval Time


3 - 4 business days


7 - 10 business days

Mail/Fax (Expedited)

10 - 13 business days

Mail/Fax (Non-Expedited)

30 - 33 business days

What if you need shorter than the standard durations? You may be looking for faster options. The next section will provide your answer.

What is the Fastest Way to Get an LLC in Texas?

There are 2 different methods for getting an LLC in Texas; the fastest way is to use the first option.

1. Online filing method

SOSDirect is one of the Texas Secretary of State’s online filing systems. Only this system offers the ‘FASTEST APPROVAL TIME.’ Moreover, getting approval for your LLC in Texas takes 3–4 business days.

Typically, the date of approval is recorded as the date of formation. But, for using the SOSDirect submission, your LLC formation date will be the same as the submission date.

2. Mail Filing Method

The expedited filing option is only available in the mail filing method, not online. For an extra $25, the expedited process will get your Texas LLC approved within 4-5 business days.

However, this option is beneficial only occasionally. Due to the large volume of mail filings, the Texas State Office actually needs 10–13 business days for the expedited option.

Still, it is faster than the standard processing time.

Keep a crucial point in mind to ensure that whichever method you choose does not delay approval. Suppose any errors or information needs to be included while filing. 

In that case, it will ensure the process is completed on time. So, fill in the documents carefully and ensure everything is correct.

Before forming an LLC in Texas, it is wise to know its lifespan. It will help you arrange your plans accordingly. The following section will discuss it. 

How Long Does an LLC Last in Texas?

Generally, an LLC in Texas can exist indefinitely and offer many benefits. However, if the Articles of Organization expressly state an expiration time, the LLC must be dissolved.

However, there are situations when the LLC’s active status becomes inactive. For example:

  • Failure to meet the state’s compliance
  • Not filing the periodic reports (like the annual or biennial report)
  • Being unable to pay the annual filing fee

If any of these happen, your LLC will lose its good standing with the Texas state’s office. The members will also lose legal protection and some other benefits. To regain your LLC’s active status, you must go through another process with the state’s office.


If you came here to find out the answer, ‘How long does it take to get LLC in Texas? ‘We believe you have found it. This article provides information on the period for Texas LLCs.

You can go with the standard time. But if time is of the essence for you, there are always the fastest ways, like SOSDirect or the expedited filing option. Choose the one that is convenient for you and your business. 

Key Points

  • Getting an LLC in Texas can take 1-2 weeks to 2-3 months.
  • Factors to consider for getting your Texas LLC:
    • Mail or online filing method
    • Standard or expedited process
    • The review and approval time
    • Finalizing paperwork
    • Delivery time
    • Time of the year
    • Logistical issues
    • Making mistakes
  • The Filing Method via Mail:
    • Filing Time: 3–6 weeks
    • Mailing Time: It depends on the Texas Postal Service and your location.
    • Total Duration: 2–3 months
  • The Filing Method via Online:
    • Filing time depends on the system.
      • SOSDirect: 10–12 business days.
      • SOSUpload: 13–15 business days.
    • Email Confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation within seconds of processing your filing.
    • Total Duration: 1-3 weeks overall, two weeks on average.
  • Texas LLC Approval Times:
    • SOSDirect: 3-4 business days
    • SOSUpload: 7-10 business days
    • Mail/Fax (Expedited): 10–13 business days
    • Mail/Fax (Non-Expedited): 30-33 business days
  • The Fastest Method:
    • Online filing method: SOSDirect (3–4 business days)
    • Mail Filing Method: The expedited filing option (4-5 business days for approval, 10–13 business days in total)
  • To avoid any delay in getting approval, fill in the documents carefully to ensure there are no mistakes.
  • LLC duration in Texas:
    • Texas LLCs can last in perpetuity. It has no expiration date unless stated in the Articles of Organization.

LLC’s status becomes inactive when it doesn’t

  • Meet state compliance
  • File periodic reports.
  • Pay the annual filing fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a Texas Secretary of State file number?

Apply for an LLC with the Texas Secretary of State (SOS). The SOS will provide a 10-digit unique number for the name registration.

What is expedited LLC filing in Texas?

It’s a service in Texas that helps process the document faster. Your documents will be processed on the same day as other documents. However, it will cost you $25 per document

How do I get a certificate of good standing in Texas?

The certificate of good standing is called the certificate of fact. You can order it from the Texas Secretary of State (SOS). Moreover, you can request it via mail, online, or in person.

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