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How Much is an LLC in Florida? (A Costing Guideline)

Max Smith

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Are you thinking of forming an LLC in Florida? Great! But do you know how much is an LLC in Florida?

Understanding and estimating the cost before you take steps to form an LLC is wise. It will help you to make a solid budget and arrange financing to build an LLC. Plus, you can save money by minimizing extra expenses.

In this guide we will explore the cost of LLC in Florida. We will cover everything from the mandatory state filing fee to optional costs like business licenses, permits, and DBA.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the point: how much does an LLC cost in Florida?

Before going into the details, we will answer your question, “How much to start an LLC in Florida?” in a table.



Total Fee For New Florida/Foreign LLC


Annual Report (& Supplemental Fee)


Name Reservation




Certificate of Status


Certified Copy of Record


Cost to Form an LLC in Florida

Estimating costs plays a crucial role in forming an LLC. Especially for a new LLC owner, describing the cost can be a challenge. Here is a complete breakdown of the cost to start LLC in Florida.

First, start with the cost to file LLC in Florida. By this, we mean the minimum price you must spend initially. It is the state filing fee.

The state filing fee to register for an LLC in Florida is $125. You pay this fee when you file the Articles of Organization with the Florida Department of State. Filing an LLC in Florida is a one-time cost, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore after paying it once.

Moreover, there is another fee included in the LLC in Florida costings list. It is the annual report fee.

Each LLC in Florida must submit an annual report to the Department of State of Florida. Do this with a payment, which is $138.75. But this fee is subject to change. So, when filing for it, always check for the current fee.

Furthermore, apart from these two main costs, there are optional costs. They are discussed below.

Registered Agent Fee

Although designating a registered agent is mandatory, the fee is optional. That means it depends on who becomes that agent.

A registered agent is a person or service that receives official documents on behalf of your LLC. If you choose to hire an individual or service provider, you will have to pay them. Usually,  these services typically charge between $50 and $500 per year.

But you can avoid this cost if you choose to be your own registered agent. Lastly, entrepreneurs looking to form an LLC with minimal cost usually select this option.

Publication Requirement Cost

Not all, but some counties in Florida have publication requirements from the new LLC owners. So, they must publish a notice stating their intention to form the LLC in a local newspaper.

The cost of publishing the notice depends on the county and newspaper. Moreover, the range can be from a couple hundred to a thousand dollars. Sometimes even more.

Name Reservation Fee

After choosing a name for your LLC, reserve that particular name. If you do, do it before filing the formation documents. Again, the fee for a name reservation in Florida is $25. 

Besides, keep in mind that that reservation will be valid for 120 days only. So, it’s also a cost for LLC in Florida.

Business Licenses and Permits Cost

You might need various business licenses or permits as an LLC owner. For example, these may be federal, state, or local. As the type of your business license and permit depends on your business location and activities, so too does the cost of those.

Professional Services Cost

When you form an LLC in Florida, you may use professional services. People hire professionals like attorneys, accountants, or business consultants. They assist and advise on the formation process, tax planning, accounting, or any other aspects of your business.

The fee for professional services depends on the type and scope of work. Also, they vary from service to service. So, do thorough research about various service providers before deciding on one.

Trademark Registration Fee

Even after reserving the name, a few LLC owners prefer a trademark registration, too. This protects the LLC’s name, logo, or other intellectual property. If you want to accomplish that, consider registering for a trademark. You can do this with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Again, the registration fee is not fixed. It depends on factors like the type of registration, the services, or the number of classes of goods.

Business Insurance Costs

Having business insurance is not a direct cost of forming an LLC. However, as an LLC owner, you might still spend money on it to protect your LLC and personal assets from liabilities.

There are various types of business insurance. Before deciding which insurance you will get, consider a few factors—like your business industry, size, or the kind of coverage you need.

Legal Compliance Fees

It is possible to have some legal compliances left that need to be met for your Florida LLC. So, invest in compliance-related costs based on your business nature and industry. These are essential for continued legal compliance.

The costs include keeping corporate records, meeting tax obligations, or holding annual meetings. Compliance can be even with state and federal regulations.

DBA Cost

‘Doing Business As’ or ‘DBA’ is an optional name. It means using a different name instead of the officially registered one for your business. You can run your Florida LLC under a DBA name if you want.

It will cost you $50 to get a DBA in Florida. Plus, you must add an extra $30 if you need a DBA-certified copy. Moreover, you will have to keep renewing it every five years.

More costs might be included if you decide to hire a third party. They will handle your DBA paperwork. Also, if there is any need for legal notice publication, the cost can be between $25 and $75. This depends on the local newspaper fees.

Operating Agreement Fee

Like any other state, Florida encourages LLC owners to create an operating agreement. This vital document will outline the internal operations of your business.

Although the agreement costs you nothing, you might need to spend money on a hired attorney. Because professional counsel will ensure that the deal complies with Florida state laws, the average cost is $690, depending on the agreement’s complexity.

Cost of Professional Development

For your Florida LLC’s success and growth, you should invest in the professional development of your staff and yourself. This cost will contribute to running your LLC business effectively.

Renewal Fees

When you get services or subscriptions for your LLC business, Renewal fees will be included. For example, registered agent services or online business management tools. Although this cost was not included at the time of LLC formation, you must include it in your budget plan.


So, how much is an LLC in Florida? Hopefully, the above discussion will help you understand how much an LLC costs in Florida. 

However, you can get the help of an expert service provider to make a solid cost estimation and get the best LLC service in Florida. You can also contact your state officials to learn the specific cost figures for forming your LLC in Florida. 

Apart from spending on the mandatory expenses, pay for some optional costs, if necessary. These fees will ensure that your LLC is set up successfully.

Key Points

Let’s examine the critical points regarding your expected cost to start an LLC in Florida.

  1. The mandatory fee to form a Florida LLC is the state filing fee. It is $125.
  2. In Florida, the annual report fee is $138.75.
  3. Here is a list of the optional costs:
    • Registered agent fee: $50 and $500 per year.
    • Publication requirement cost: a couple of hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.
    • Name reservation fee: $25.
    • Business licenses and permits cost
    • Professional services cost
    • Trademark registration fee
    • Business insurance costs
    • Legal compliance fees
    • DBA cost: $50
    • Operating agreement fee: $690.
    • Cost of professional development
    • Renewal fees

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start an LLC in Florida for free?

No! It is not free to create an LLC in Florida. You must pay a $100 filing fee and $25 for the registered agent fee. Moreover, you can file your claim directly with the Division of Cooperation.

What is the LLC annual fee in Florida?

$138.75 is the annual fee for filing a yearly report in Florida. If you miss the deadline of May 1, then you must pay a $400 late fee. So, the total payment will be $538.75.

How do I pay annual fees for an LLC in Florida?

There are many ways to pay your LLC annual fees. For example, you can use your credit card, debit card, money order, or check to pay the yearly costs. Credit or debit cards take 2-3 days to process the payment transaction. Moreover, a money order or check takes only 3-5 weeks for payment.

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