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How to Change LLC Name in Florida (Step by Step)

Max Smith

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Do you own an LLC in Florida, but don’t you like your LLC name? No problem! You can change it. But do you know how to change LLC name in Florida?

It’s 100% possible to change your LLC name. However, you must take some steps to change the LLC name officially and legally. You can’t just change the name and declare it. 

In Florida, you may need to apply for a name change to go through a formal procedure, submit documents, and await approval. 

Do you want to know the details? Then let’s go further!

Yes, if you feel it is necessary, then you have the right to apply to change the name of your LLC in Florida. You must complete the Articles of Amendment form and submit it with a $25 filing fee to the Florida Division of Corporations. Besides. there are expert service providers to help you. Otherwise, you can also do it by yourself. 

Moreover, the approval process is formal and takes time. Subsequently, you must notify the IRS, government agencies, and financial institutions about the change to your LLC’s name.

So do you want to know the detailed steps to change your LLC name? Then read our next section!

How to Change LLC Name in Florida

Changing the name of your Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Florida might be challenging. But don’t worry; with the proper guidance, you can rename your LLC smoothly. It’s like giving your business or project a unique identity that people can recognize and remember. 

Here are the guidelines that can help you navigate through the name-changing process efficiently:

1. Ensure the Availability of a New Name

When you decide to change your LLC name in Florida, you have to search for the availability of a specific name on the Florida Division of Corporations website. You must confirm that the chosen name complies with Florida’s changing LLC name requirements. 

Firstly, ensure that your desired new LLC name is unique. The name must be different from other business entities registered in Florida. When you pick a name for changing your LLC name in Florida that nobody else uses.

Moreover, it will help you avoid legal issues and confusion that may arise in the future. So, check that another business in Florida does not already have the name you want to use. 

Remember that when you choose a name to change your LLC name in Florida, you should avoid using restricted words or phrases without permission. You can select a desired name by doing some research and checking for trademarks. Thus, you complete the first step of changing an LLC’s name in Florida.

2. Prepare the File for the Amendment Form

Once you have fixed the new name, you must file the Amendment Form to officially change the name of your LLC in Florida with the Florida Division of Corporations. You can download the required documents from the official website of the Florida Division of Corporations. 

In this form, you must specify your current LLC name and the finalized new LLC name. Later on, get the signature of an authorized person on the amendment form file. 

Don’t forget to collect the statement confirming that the LLC’s members or managing members have approved the name change of your LLC in Florida. Furthermore. the statement must be certified by the signature of an authorized person of the Florida Division of Corporations.

3. Submit the File for the Amendment Form

After completing the form, recheck and submit it to the Florida Division of Corporations along with the applicable filing fee, which is $25 in Florida. You can submit it online, by mail, or in person at their office.

Again, you must wait for their approval. It takes time for approval because the authority will examine the documents to check if they meet state requirements. If everything is correct, they will authorize the name change for your LLC and thus update your LLC’s records.

4. Update the IRS

Inform the Florida Department of Revenue about the name change of your LLC as soon as possible. Likewise, you need to ensure that you notify federal agencies about the name change, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Florida Department of Revenue, and any other relevant regulatory bodies. However, it is necessary to avoid any issues that may arise in the future.

5. Inform Governmental Bodies about the Update

Once the name change of your LLC is approved, it is crucial to notify the government about the LLC’s name change in Florida to prevent any complications or misunderstandings. You have to inform the Florida tax department and other relevant agencies immediately about the name change of your LLC to update your LLC’s records. 

6. Update Business Licenses

After getting a confirmed new LLC name, you must inform local and state authorities about the name change to update your new LLC name in business licenses and permits accordingly.

7. Update Financial Institutions

You should notify all financial institutions, such as bank checks, credit card companies, and other financial documents, to reflect your new LLC name in those institutions. 

8. Update Other Places

After acquiring the new LLC name, it is crucial to notify all departments of your business to ensure that your business contact information is updated on your website, social media accounts, contracts, agreements, banking details, licenses, permits, marketing materials, and any online directories where your LLC name is listed. In fact, notifying others is also important while 

Besides, you must update your new LLC name on internal documents and records to reflect the new name on those documents. Lastly, this step is essential to ensure a smooth transition and maintain accurate information for all stakeholders.

Lastly, name changing can be important and crucial when you want to know how to renew an LLC in Florida, dissolve an LLC, or just change your brand name for a better recognition.


In the end, the steps shown above will help you on how to change LLC name in Florida. You may dislike your LLC name and wish to change it for better brand value. It’s not very complex, but it’s an official task you can do formally.  

Always fetch the most up-to-date information from your state officials, prepare the documents, and submit them for approval. In this regard, you can get help from expert service providers. One more thing: remember to notify your LLC-related third parties about your name change.

Key Points

  • Before changing your LLC name, ensure the new name is unique to avoid any issues.
  • Collect the required documents and prepare to file the Amendment to Articles of Organization form with the Florida Division of Corporations. In addition, specify both the current and new LLC names in the form.
  • Submit the completed form along with the required filing fee of $25 and wait for approval.
  • Inform the IRS and other Florida Departments of Revenue.
  • Notify governmental bodies in Florida to update records with the new LLC name and maintain accurate information.
  • Notify financial institutions, including banks and credit card companies, about the name change to update accounts and documents.
  • Update all internal documents, including records, contracts, agreements, and online platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the name of my LLC in Florida?

Yes, you can change your LLC name in Florida. However, you may need to submit the Article of Amendment to the Florida Department of State. There may be a fee of $25.

Can I change the name of my LLC in Florida online?

No! You cannot change your LLC name online. You must file the Articles of Organization with the required filing fees ($25). So you can submit it online, by mail, or in person, but the whole process cannot be done online.

What is the "Articles of Amendment" in Florida?

You can also call it a Certificate of Amendment. It’s an official document filled with the state of incorporation. It helps to make any changes to a company’s incorporation. It’s one of the critical documents needed to form an LLC in Florida.

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