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How to Change LLC Name? (2024 Guide)

Looking for the answer to “How to change LLC name?” Sometimes, the name goes differently than your branding strategy. You may need a new name for better marketing and branding.

It’s a lengthy process that also costs you extra. But you can replace your current LLC name with the new one everywhere, online and offline.

Let’s dive deep into the procedure for changing the LLC’s name and cost by state.

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The answer is yes! You can change your LLC’s name whenever you wish. But you have to submit the Articles of Amendment to the secretary of the state with the filing fees.

You can get help from an agency. Of course, it will cost you more than doing it yourself.

There is some paperwork to do online and offline. Changing the LLC’s name will be easy if you go through the process step by step.

How to Change LLC Name? A Step-By-Step Guide

You can change your LLC name by yourself or get expert help. Let’s look at the steps below to change your LLC’s name.

How to Change LLC Name

1. Naming, Availability, & Compliance

Isn’t it a wise idea to check out name availability? You may decide on a name for your LLC, but unfortunately, if it is not available in your state, you cannot name it for your LLC.

The secretary of state and other business filing agencies have an official website to help you. You can easily find your name availability through the website. It will help to choose a name that no other LLC already uses.

2. Change Your Name With Member Approval

It is essential to get permission from the LLC members. You can write up a resolution to approve the name-changing decision. Follow up on the operating agreement and arrange a meeting to get the opinions of other LLC members about “How to change the LLC name?”

3. Articles of Amendment File

It’s time to update the LLC name on the articles of the organization. You will find the amendment form on the official website of the state secretary. Pay the filing fees and apply for the name change.

You will receive a certificate of amendment. It’s proof that your LLC name has now been officially changed. The filing fees vary by state.

4. Changing your OPA (Operating Agreement)

You need to update your LLC’s name in the operating agreement. Once you approve the new name, add it to the operating agreement.

5. Update Tax and Licensing Agencies

Now, you can inform the state, federal, and local taxing authorities about your LLC’s name change. Fill out the annual tax form using your new LLC name. Then, you can check the box showing your name on the form.

You can also send a name change letter to the IRS. It includes:

  • LLC’s old name
  • Address
  • EIN
  • The new name of your LLC
  • The date that the state approved a name change
  • The certificate of amendment
  • signature of the business owner
  • Request for IRS confirmation

6. Changing Business Account Name

Do you have a business account? Then, change the name of your business account. You must order new checks and credit cards using your new LLC name.

7. Notify Clients and Others

Share the news of your new LLC name. Promote it to your clients and customers. Also, notify your vendors, dealers, landlords, suppliers, insurance agents, and more. You can do it by simply posting on social media and contacting people.

8. Amend Contracts

In a business deal, you often agree with others. Update your LLC name in the contracts to avoid any problems or confusion. You can do it by discussing the name-changing fact with the other party in the contract.

9. Business Licenses and Permits

Contact the state, country, or area officials who can permit licenses. Change your business license and get a new one containing the new name of your LLC. It may cost you, but it’s not expensive.

10. EIN Name Change Request

Visit the IRS’s official website and reapply for an EIN. Your LLC name has changed, so you must get a new EIN. It’s free!

How Much Does It Cost to Change LLC Name

The only cost to change the LLC’s name is the filing fee. Plus, there is an online fee if you apply online. Let’s look at the cost list below.

State Name

Filing Fee 

Filing Fee (If you apply online)
















Washington DC (District of Columbia)


















































New Hampshire


New Jersey


New Mexico


New York


North Carolina


North Dakota










Rhode Island


South Carolina



South Dakota














West Virginia




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my LLC name online?

Yes, but only in some states. You must follow your state’s procedures to change your LLC’s name online. Please note that it will cost you, and it varies by state.

Can I rename my LLC?

Of course, you can! Get a unique name, and amend the articles of organization with the fees. If your request is approved, you can change your LLC’s name.

How many days will it take to change the LLC name?

The time frame depends on the state, ranging from several weeks to a few months. Contact the business authority in your state to know the exact time frame to change your LLC’s name.

What is the procedure for renaming my LLC?

The process involves amending the articles of organization, submitting the application form, and paying the fees. You can contact your state’s business authority to know the procedure, which may vary from state to state.

Do I need a lawyer to change my LLC's name?

Not really. You can change your LLC’s name yourself. Hiring a lawyer is always beneficial. A lawyer will help you understand and complete the paper promptly.

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