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How To Get LLC License in Florida (An Ultimate Guideline)

Max Smith

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Are you opening a new LLC in Florida? But do you know anything about an LLC license in Florida? You may need to get various types of licenses. It depends on your business type and location. 

Getting a license is necessary for your LLC. It helps run your LLC legally and protects your business from legal consequences.

Moreover, it will not cost you much. You will pay to form your LLC and submit official papers. So there are no extra expenses. 

So if you want to know the details on getting licenses in Florida, read on as I unveil the details. Let’s go!

Do you know what an LLC license is? It’s the document that proves you have successfully formed a limited liability company.

It is an unofficial term, as it is not a specific type of license for business operations. It means that the LLC does not give you an actual license to operate a business. Instead, it is paperwork as evidence of running a registered LLC company in your state.

The Articles of Organization is the formal document that establishes an LLC. Your LLC becomes active when you file that form, along with additional documents and filing fees. Those articles of organization serve as a legal license for an LLC.

Furthermore, you must form your LLC according to your state law. It helps you approve and operate your LLC in the selected state. Also, each member must submit the necessary paperwork to the state government. So, accomplishing these steps is commonly known as getting an LLC license.

Moreover, you can also use the certificate of good standing. The State of Florida provides that certificate as proof that your LLC has a license. However, it does not cover everything about a license. ‘ LLC license” is often colloquial to various licenses, permits, registrations, and certifications.

Nevertheless, depending on its type, location, and industry, your LLC might need to obtain various types of licenses. Here is a general idea of those:

Business License

It is a basic license, also called a business tax receipt or occupational license. LLCs must obtain this from the local government. In fact, this license is an allowance to operate within the jurisdiction.

Professional License

Some specific professions require individuals to get professional licenses to practice legally. A professional license is required if your Florida LLC is engaged in professions like healthcare, legal services, or real estate.

Industry-Specific Permits

Your Florida LLC might also need industry-specific permits. For example, if your LLC is in food service, it will require health department permits. Again, if it sells alcohol, it will need a liquor license. Moreover, there are also construction permits, environmental permits, and zoning permits.

Lastly, to clarify which permits your LLC needs as its license, follow this process:

  1. Contact the State officials to know what licenses you require for your business.
  2. Research the application procedures.
  3. Complete and submit the necessary application forms.
  4. Follow up with the authorities about the approval process.
  5. Obtain the license before commencing business.

However, do you really think you may need a business license in Florida now? If you have any questions, then read our next section! 

Does an LLC Need a Business License in Florida?

Yes, an LLC needs a business license in Florida. However, the need for a business license depends on the type of business you do and also on your county rules. 

Like many other states, Florida requires you to obtain a business license if you want to run your business legally. Let us give you the reasons behind it.

Regulatory Compliance

Getting a business license will guarantee that the LLC complies with state and local business regulations. It is a demonstration of your LLC meeting government standards and requirements.

Revenue Generation

Business licenses are frequently associated with costs. They fund the local government’s revenue. Those amounts vary depending on the business size, location, and nature.

Consumer Protection

Business licenses give the consumer a sense of protection. It is because they become confident that the goods or services are legitimate and maintain standards of conduct. As a result, any kind of doubt about fraudulent business practices is removed.

Public Health and Safety

Suppose you are involved in a business associated with public health and safety. In that case, there is a potential risk of public hazard. A business license mitigates that risk by meeting safety regulations.

Zoning and Land Use Regulations

A business license ensures that zoning and land use regulations are met. To avoid any hassles from the authorities, obtain a business license as evidence of complying with the regulations.

Legal Protection

Ensure a business license if you do not want to appear vulnerable to legal consequences. There can be fines, penalties, and the potential closure of the business. Obtaining a business license will protect your LLC from legal liabilities.

Now, it is time to get estimates about the costs associated with LLC licenses in Florida. Let’s get to it!

How Much is an LLC License in Florida?

As from the previous section, it is clear that there isn’t specifically an ”LLC license” existing; there is no separate ”LLC license” fee either. When people want to know about the affordable LLC license in Florida, they refer to the LLC taxes in Florida and the costs of forming & maintaining an LLC.

Here is a breakdown of those costs.

Articles of Organization Filing Fee

The fee for Articles of Organization filing is $125. You have to file it with the Florida Division of Corporations.

Registered Agent Fee

There is a fee for hiring a registered agent service. But you can avoid it by designating yourself as a registered agent for your Florida LLC. Moreover, the fees range between $99 and $399. 

Annual Report Filing Fee

There is a fee for filing an annual report with the Florida Division of Corporations each year. The online cost is $138.75, whereas it is $150 by mail.

License and Permit Fees

As you obtain various licenses and permits, those costs will vary, depending on your needs.

Legal or Professional Fee

If you seek assistance from legal service providers, there will be fees, too. But you can also avoid this by completing the steps yourself.


In the end, an LLC license in Florida indicates the official papers you receive after legally forming your LLC. However, some factors will determine what type of license you need. Undoubtedly, your LLC should get a business license to operate smoothly.

Moreover, there is no extra expense. While you apply to form your LLC with associated fees, it will be enough to get the paper to show that you have an LLC officially.

Key Points

Let’s look over the key points in the entire discussion:

  • The term’ LLC license” can be misleading, as it is not a specific type of license in the context of business operations. Actually, it is often colloquial to various licenses, permits, registrations, and certifications.
  • There are business licenses, professional licenses, or industry-specific permits. Obtaining those licenses is generally called an ”LLC license.”
  • To obtain those as an ”LLC license,” you need to:
    • Identify the required licenses.
    • Research application procedures.
    • Complete and submit the forms.
    • Follow up for approvals.
    • Obtain licenses before commencing business.
  • An LLC in Florida needs a business license. The reasons are:
    • Regulatory compliance.
    • Revenue generation.
    • Consumer protection.
    • Public health and safety. 
    • Zoning and land use regulations.
    • Legal protection.
  • The costs for forming and maintaining an LLC, as well as getting an ”LLC license”, are:
    • Articles of Organization filing fee.
    • Registered agent fee.
    • Annual report filing fee.
    • License and permit fees.
    • Legal or professional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start an LLC in Florida for free?

There is no way to start an LLC in Florida without any costs. But you can minimize costs by choosing cheaper expert services, LLC yourself, or cutting down on extra expenses.

Can I apply for an LLC license in Florida online?

Yes! Please visit sunbiz.org and apply to form your LLC in Florida.

How much does an LLC license in Florida cost?

There is no expense to get an LLC license. However, while you form an LLC, you may pay $125 ($100 for the filing fee and $25 for the registered agent) for registering legally. You should consider it as your LLC license expense.

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