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How to Renew LLC in Florida - Step By Step

Max Smith

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Have you just started an LLC in Florida? Now, you may think, “How to renew LLC in Florida after a year?” It is a formal process to renew your LLC to run smoothly.

You may need to pay the required fees and submit annual reports to State Officials. In fact, sometimes, LLCs get dissolved. But it’s not over yet. You can reinstate it. 

However, you must follow simple steps to reopen your LLC with legal permission to operate your business. For example, you may need to prepare the required papers and pay fees or penalties. 

Do you want to know in depth about the required papers and costs to renew and reinstate your LLC? Then let’s go!

Renewing your LLC in Florida is crucial because it helps you conduct your business legally. It also helps show that your business complies with Florida’s regulations. By completing this renewal on time, you can keep your LLC in good standing and maintain the active status of your business in Florida. 

When you are thinking of renewing your LLC in Florida, there are several factors that you should take into account. Because of several factors, are you feeling exhausted and troubled about how to renew an LLC in Florida easily? Don’t worry. Fortunately, the process of renewing an LLC in Florida is quite simple if you follow the instructions step-by-step:

1. Make an Annual Report

Before starting your LLC’s renewal process, you must gather all the required information to file your annual report. Moreover, you must provide the most up-to-date information about your business to confirm or update the Florida Department of State on the annual report. 

2. Fill Out Forms

Once the information is collected, you should visit the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations website to know the forms of report files to report.  

All you will need to do is file Form 1065, the U.S. return of partnership income, and the documents where the distribution of profits is demonstrated. Plus, you must ensure that the distribution of profits is equal, and that is written in those documents. 

Besides, you have to provide a Schedule K-1 from the IRS that shows the losses and credits of your business.

3. File Annual Report

Now, you must file an annual report with the necessary information with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, to renew your LLC in Florida.

Furthermore, the signatures of other authorized representatives should be collected on the report. You should remember that every year, the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, accepts the file of the annual reports on May 1 to renew an LLC in Florida.

4. Pay the Renewal Fee

While reporting the file, you must pay the renewal fee online, such as with credit cards, an online bank, etc. You can also pay in person at the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, and wait for their approval. 

5. Keep a Copy of the Receipt

Once you’ve submitted your LLC renewal application, don’t forget to keep a copy of the confirmation or receipt for your reports to avoid any further legal issues. You can get a copy of the receipt through email if you submit the file online. 

On the other hand, if you submit the file to the main office, you can get the receipt directly from the office.

6. Stay Connected

Finally, you may inquire about the ongoing process to ensure that no other documents or information are needed to renew your LLC in Florida. 

Moreover, there are also steps to follow while reinstending your LLC. Do you wonder what the steps are? Then read the next section!

How to Reinstate LLC in Florida

Unfortunately, you could not avoid the circumstances, and your LLC was dissolved. However, you now have a chance to reinstate your LLC. 

Reinstating an LLC is possible if your LLC begins to meet the criteria and fulfills the shortcomings that led to its dissolution. 

Indeed, you may need to submit a few things to the Florida Division of Corporations:

  • Collect and fill out a reinstatement application form.
  • Pay any due fees or penalties.
  • Prepare a recent annual report.

Moreover, you may need to include various information in the application form for reinstatement. They can be:

  • The name of your LLC.
  • Origination date of your LLC organization registration.
  • Mention the state where your LLC was initially formed.
  • Document number. You can find it by searching the Division of Corporation’s database.
  • Put your FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number).
  • An official email to contact.
  • Full address of your LLC.
  • Name and address of the registered agent.
  • Name and address of the members.
  • Give the names of each manager or respected authority.
  • While your reinstatement is in process, you may apply for the Certificate of Status. You may get the confirmation email and pay $5. 
  • Signature of the members and registered agent.

Usually, it takes 2-4 days for the reinstatement process.


Ultimately, you might know how to renew LLC in Florida through the above discussion. You should prepare all the papers without mistakes and pay the required fees. Moreover, keep in contact with state officials to know the latest rules.

Moreover, you can search for the best LLC service in Florida to get help from experts in renewing or reinstating your LLC. It’s essential to complete the form and submit the necessary documents clearly and without any mistakes. Otherwise, the process may take time. 

Key Points

  • Renewal of an LLC is crucial for fulfilling legal issues or obligations and avoiding penalties in Florida.
  • File Form 1065 to renew your LLC. 
  • While renewing your LLC, you must provide the state with current details such as your business address, registered agent, members, and managers.
  • Ensure that your business adheres to Florida’s regulatory requirements, demonstrates ongoing compliance, and maintains the active status of your business in Florida by renewing your LLC in Florida.
  • Keep records of renewal confirmation for future reference and compliance verification to avoid any economic or legal issues in the future.
  • Stay tuned for renewal requirements to enhance transparency in your LLC and credibility with stakeholders.
  • Reinstatement in Florida is possible. You may apply with the reinstatement form, annual report, and required fees. 
  • The reinstatement form needs various types of information. For example, LLC name, registered agent name & address, members name & address, FEIN, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the fee for an LLC annual report in Florida?

You may pay $138.75 for the annual report on Sunbiz.org if you pay it between January 1 and May 1. If you renew your LLC after May 1, you may pay extra. It will cost you $400. The annual report you submit each year will renew your LLC in Florida. 

How to renew an LLC in Florida online?

Go to the official website of Sunbiz.org and submit your annual report. You will need a few things with the annual report to submit: A Florida Department of State Document Number, An EIN, A valid credit card, A money order, and A Sunbiz E-File account. 

What is the Florida LLC annual report due date?

Florida’s annual report due date for an LLC is 11:59 PM EST on May 1. If you miss the deadline, you may pay the penalty and submit the annual report. 

How much does it cost to renew LLC in Florida?

It costs $100 plus a $137.75 annual report fee to renew your LLC in Florida. Moreover, you may need to pay any due fees or penalties with the renewal fees.

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