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How to Transfer LLC Ownership: A Complete Guide

Max Smith

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LLC continues, but the owner changes. You may face a situation and leave LLC. But you must maintain a process to transfer LLC ownership. You can sell your share or transfer it to your heir. 

The process is simple but can be complex in some areas. You can also get a legal adviser to help you transfer ownership properly.

So, let’s jump into the details about the LLC ownership transformation.

The process depends on your LLC type. Whether you have a single-member or multi-member LLC, you must follow a few steps. They are shown below.

1. Partial or Complete LLC Ownership Transformation

Are you transferring partial or complete ownership? It’s a crucial question. It will be best if you decide before heading into the membership-changing process.

How To Transfer LLC Ownership (Partial)

You may own a portion of an LLC. So you are not the 100% owner. In that case, you sell only your share in the LLC. So, it’s a partial sale of ownership. 

If you want to transfer partial ownership, you must maintain legal documents. They are shown below.

  • Review LLC documents
  • Follow the Operating Agreement rules
  • Update LLC documents
  • Notify relevant parties

Can You Transfer LLC Ownership (Full)

You can sell the whole LLC. It includes the assets, debts, and everything else. So, the 100% shares of an LLC get sold.

You must go through some basic steps as a member of the LLC. They are given below.

  • Review LLC documents
  • Determine tax regulations 
  • Draft a purchase agreement
  • Determine sale inclusions
  • Notify your Secretary of State

2. Watch out for LLC documents.

Does your LLC have an operating agreement? Then, you better look into it. You may see rules about share sales, the percentage of holding shares, and more. 

You may also notice buy-sell compensation. It will help you sell your LLC stake. The article of organization is also essential for share-selling purposes. 

If you don’t find buy-sale compensation, then make one now. Add it later in the operating agreement. 

3. Negotiation

You have a right to negotiate with the buyer. You can discuss the price, processing method, and many more things. It also helps clarify what the buyer wants: the whole LLC or a few assets.

4. Make a Buy-sell Agreement

Get you and the buyer on the same page. Then, you can form an agreement. 

It will describe details about the deal about changing memberships. It includes the transaction details and any rules. Plus, the other members need to approve the terms.

5. Making Official Records

In some states, it’s not allowed to change members. In that case, the LLC dissolves, and the buyer needs to form the LLC again. So, inform your state agency about the change of LLC owner.

6. Keep up-to-date

You may need to change lots of things after the ownership transfer. It can be like business licenses, permits, tax filings, etc. 

You will need to change bank accounts and insurance policies. So, the new LLC member should start an LLC with up-to-date data. 

7. Notify 

After selling shares, it’s time to notify all parties. It’s essential to notice them, as they are crucial for your LLC. It reflects the change in LLC ownership. The parties are:

  • Registered Agent
  • IRS
  • Foreign LLC states
  • Financial parties
  • other parties (suppliers, distributors, or lenders)

Things to Consider When Transferring LLC Ownership

There are a few specific things to watch out for to avoid trouble. They are shown below.

1. Dispute

All the members must agree. Sometimes, the members have different opinions and need help reaching a solution. So, a legal advisor will help you solve this issue.

2. Late to Update Documents

Remember to update the essential documents regarding ownership changes. It’s included in an operating agreement and articles of organization. If you fail to update the changes, it will make your LLC suffer. It will create legal issues later. 

3. Financial and Taxation Effects

Transferring memberships can make taxation a bit complicated. You may pay capital gain taxes on the sale of your ownership stake. Consult with a financial advisor to learn the laws of your state. You need to watch out for a few matters about taxation. They are:

  • Calculate your LLCs total value of the assets
  • Give importance to both local and state taxes.
  • Look for a tax-free opportunity.

Risks with LLC Transfer Of Ownership

You can transfer your LLC ownership. It is possible for you. But it may raise issues. Multimember LLC has potential issues to enhance risks.

1. Facing Lawsuits

Does your operating agreement include a first right of refusal? You must go through your LLC operating agreement deeply. So you will remain aware of all the laws. 

If you overlook the rules, it may violate the terms. As a result, your other members of the LLC may get angry with you. 

They can also begin not to help you in LLC transformation matters. Ultimately, you may face lawsuits.

2. Judicial Dissolution 

Your LLC may face dissolution. It would happen because you did not adhere to the rule of selling your shares. You must update your LLC ownership transfer on official documents. It can be your operating agreement or an article of organization. 

Plus, some LLC operating agreements do not allow partial transfers. If that also happens to you, you can’t transfer ownership. But if you do it forcefully, the state court will dissolve your business. 

3. Tax Issue

Sell your shares and make money. But the money is taxable. You must pay taxes. If you don’t, then it can be a threat to you.


Hopefully, you got a solid idea about the LLC share transfer process. So get the help of an LLC service provider and transfer llc ownership successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to change LLC ownership?

It depends on the LLC type. Single-member LLCs take less time than multimember LLCs to change ownership. The changing ownership process is speedy. But there’s a need for approval from every member. So it takes time.

How can I adjust LLC ownership with the IRS?

Fill out the Change of Address or Responsible Party form with the IRS. It requires that your LLC replace the member responsible for tax filings.

What is the most effective service for changing LLC ownership?

There are many legal LLC service providers. For example, ZenBusiness, LegalZoom, RocketLawyers, and more. You can get legal help from them. So you can transform LLC ownership without hustle.

Can I pass on an LLC membership to a family member?

Yes! It’s legal to transform your LLC ownership to your family member. But your state law and your operating agreement should allow it.

What exactly is a buy-sell agreement?

It’s a document included in the operating agreement. It describes rules to buy or distribute an LLC member’s shares. So, a buy-sell agreement describes the way to change ownership. Members must abide by it. Otherwise, they face lawsuits.

Exactly how much would it typically cost to transfer LLC ownership?

The cost depends on several factors. It can be the filing fees, taxes, and more. Consult with an expert bookkeeper or LLC service provider will be helpful.

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